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I see you... You've done everything "right" in life - followed the "acceptable" path to your current success in life. Yet, there's still something missing. You can't quite put your finger on it, and you feel guilty for the unease you've been feeling in your soul. 

I've been there, Friend. Not too terribly long ago, I found myself making decent money in an ultimately dead-end job that, at the end of the day, left me unfulfilled and yearning for more time freedom out in Nature.

Some deep inner work and following intuitive guidance led me to become a student of the Law of Attraction, discovering the power of my Subconscious Mind, and harnessing the Process of Manifestation. I also learned to be acutely aware of the thoughts I allow to enter my mind as truth, and the power of the words I speak. It’s all connected, and it’s absolutely fascinating!! 

I'm here to tell you - you are not Lost. You can redirect the trajectory of your life.
Get Ready to Take Control of Your Life 
and Bust Outta that Comfort Zone!

My Services
  • 1:1 Quantum Mindset Coaching
  • Personalized Life-Balance Plans
  • Group Coaching
  • Equine Facilitated(TM) Workshops
  • Canine Connection Sessions
  • Online Success Tools & Support

Why partner with me as your Coach?
To me, the ultimate goal coaching is about helping people to get from where they are now to where they want to be.  As a certified Quantum Life & Success Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist, I have dedicated my energy to studying the tools necessary for creating quantum shifts in the subconscious mind - opening the doors for my clients and empowering them to make desired changes in their life.

I work with my clients as an accountable partner for breaking through their comfort zones, procrastination patterns, imposter syndrome, and sabotage issues. I also help them to create a framework for achieving their lifestyle goals by specific focus on mindset, lifestyle choices and self-love practices.

Wanting more does not make you ungrateful - others' permission is not necessary for you to pursue your own happiness.

Become the best version of yourself by adding more intention and adventure to your life!

Through my signature DREAM method  framework, I partner with my clients to set and achieve their goals by:

DECIDE - Clients who choose to work with me are ready for a major life shift. By making the decision to work with me and claim their desires, we set forth a powerful intention to attract the things they want in their life. I help them to get clear about what they truly want and claim it as theirs so that they can make the inner shift to energetically attract those things into their life.

RELEASE - Next, I help them to uncover the beliefs, blocks, behaviors, habits and patterns of thinking that prevent them from living the life they desire. We start by reviewing where my client is now and what they’ve tried so far - digging deep into the subconscious beliefs and patterns that are holding them back, then incorporate a range of reprogramming techniques to banish those blocks and replace them with beliefs that better serve them.

EXPLORE - This is the fun part! Entering the realm of unlimited possibilities... This is where we go "Quantum" and really start to bring the vision of their ideal life into focus.

ACT - “Nothing changes unless you do.”  The next step is coming up with and discussing options for action and agreeing upon an intentional plan to make it happen.

MANIFEST - Learning to let go of the “how” of the outcome and allowing the Universe to co-create, surprise, and delight!


By working with mindset in this way, we’re able to pave the path for faster results, greater transformation, and lasting success.

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